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The Euro Avio F hose is a hose to suction oil for aviation to 20 bar working pressure.

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Description of Euro Avio F hose

The Euro Avio F hose is a hose to suction oil for aviation to 20 bar working pressure ... supporting up to 30% aromatics. This hose has excellent resistant to temperatures from -40 ° C minimum, and maximum thermal properties up to 100 ° C. It is manufactured under BS EN 1825: 2011, EN-1361 F TYPE (standard voided by BS EN 1825:2011) DIN 7715 T4-S2 and EN ISO-1307 of which we offer here a brief description below .

Standard BS EN: 1825:2011: This International Standard specifies the dimensions, construction and requirements for four types of hoses and hose assemblies with union fittings for use in all operations associated with refueling and download jet fuel on land. The four types of hoses are designed to: a). use with petroleum fuels containing aromatic hydrocarbons does not exceed 30% by volume; b). use at service temperatures between -30 º C and +65 º C and do not deteriorate in weather conditions from -40 º C to +70 º C, when they are stored in static conditions; c). their use at a maximum working pressure up to 2.0 MPa (20 bar), including variations of pressure at which the hose may be subject to conditions of service.

Standard 1307:2006 This International Standard specifies the tolerances on dimensions of hoses elastomers (rubbers) and plastic (pvc) and minimum and maximum permissible bore diameters for each size of hose. To this end, the hoses have been classified into four types, considering the process by which they are intended or extrusion mandrel. The standard also specifies the tolerances on the cut length of hose elastomers and plastics for industrial applications and automotive. This standard is used with the relevant product standards hoses, unless there is a justification for using a different size of hose or unless the hose size you need a range of different inner diameter for a particular application.

This hose is made of mandrel. The hose Euro Avio F are shown in low relief with pressure, standard, year and lot. It also comes labeled with the name of the hose, type and pressure of work, a yellow or orange band, according to current regulations. Below is a table of features:









(mm) (in) (bar) (psi) (kg/m) (lbs/m) (bar) (psi) (mm) (in) (m) (ft)
0000002223025 25x42 1" 20/80 290/1160 1,520 3,35 0,35 5,07 150 6" 40 131
0000002223032 32x49 1-1/4" 20/80 290/1160 1,600 3,52 0,35 5,07 185 7-9/32" 40 131
0000002223038 38x55 1-1/2" 20/80 290/1160 1,720 3,79 0,35 5,07 225 8-55/64" 40 131
0000002223050 50x71 2" 20/80 290/1160 2,390 5,27 0,35 5,07 275 10-53/64" 40 131
0000002223063 63,5x82 2-1/2" 20/80 290/1160 3,050 6,72 0,35 5,07 300 12" 40 131
0000002223075 75x95 3" 20/80 290/1160 3,600 7,93 0,35 5,07 330 12-63/64" 40 131


Uses of Euro Avio F hose

The Euro Avio F hose is mainly used in the aircraft industry, ideal for refueling military aircraft, passenger and / or goods, as well as helicopters.


 Manguera Euro Avio para industria aeronaútica militarManguera Euro Avio para industria aeronaútica civilManguera Euro Avio para industria aeronaútica en helicópteros

Materials of Euro Avio F hose

The Euro Avio F hose has an inner tube rubber, NBR black. Likewise, it has high tenacity textile reinforcement and a non-metallic spiral. The outer cover has been made from NBR rubber black.