In JJB EUROMANGUERAS offer a whole range of services added to the sale and distribution of our hoses have considered that are of great interest to the vast majority of the industry. These services include:

Hose Assembly and Repair

Most industrial sectors demand and fully finished products ready to use from the moment you arrive at the facility, who are certain that they are properly assembled. Generally, the industry has neither machines nor knowledge necessary to carry out a suitable hose assembly, that is why, from JJB EUROMANGUERAS, offer the possibility of fully finished hoses to length, and fittings that the client requests, ensuring the best quality in the market. In JJB EUROMANGUERAS we are the only hose manufacturer in Spain with machinery capable of reaching 10 "pressing hoses.


Leak test

In JJB EUROMANGUERAS offer products that meet the highest safety standards, therefore, each and every one of our products pass a leakage test after assembly to make sure that the hose as well as fittings, endure the specified pressure, reaching 1.5 times that evidence Working Pressure hose for 5 minutes.


Issuance of Certificates / Marking

To ensure customer confidence regarding JJB EUROMANGUERAS, offer the possibility to issue certificates of quality sealing products we have tested for tightness, indicating a serial number, product type measures, as well as evidence that they have been made.



In JJB EUROMANGUERAS have at our disposal lathes, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control), band saws, presses and many more machines to ensure stocks diversity of our hose fittings, as well as to ensure that the most complicated projects those that require non-standard fittings can be developed by our team of mechanization. The wide range of fittings that we manufacture and market has made us leaders nationally and internationally in the production and supply hose terminal. We are duly qualified for the production of all kinds of terminals with our equipment mechanization as well as the useful checking needed for production and manufacturing of parts. We can manufacture in materials such as Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel in grades AISI-304, AISI-316-L, AISI 316Ti, also in different plastics such as polypropylene, Teflon or PVDF. If you need a quote, send us your drawing or part.



An important part of our services is the union of flexible metal tubes (hoses Parnor type) couplings that require complex welding process. is why from JJB EUROMANGUERAS have decided to implement the service to existing welding, doing odd jobs, also the rods welding hose clamps, both fixed and stub-end, to be rotating as well as connections to Bauer type fittings, UMT, and various accessories such as elbows, reducers, hose nipples, hose ... virtually any type of junction may be done according to your needs by our welders adequately trained and with 10 years experience welding this all kind of pieceria.



After more than 15 years we have done work for multiple sectors of petrochemical industries, cryogenics, nuclear and food. Available means we can perform all work complementary to supply hoses that are accurate to conveniently serve our clients. Consult your need.