General Conditions of use and sale

WARRANTY : All our items are guaranteed both by JJB , as manufacturers and / or distributors who sell different products against manufacturing defects. No warranty including in those who have been manipulated by persons outside JJB Euromangueras , SL, or whose use has been different from its conception by the manufacturer. The costs shall be charged to the wrong part ( Transpots, etc. . ) . The warranty covers the replacement or credit of the product or supplied . JJB EUROMANGUERAS subscribes to a policy of liability insurance with Generali Insurance Number . policy PE- G- 292 000 206 amounting to 300,000 Euros.

ORDERS : Orders or contracts must be in writing , or our Commercial Agents exceptionally may be collected by telephone , however to avoid misunderstandings , please submit them in writing, by fax, mail, email , or media . For special orders, in which you have to fabricate or assemble any type of material under specified demand, require 50% of the total order amount in advance , and always before starting work. Without such a requirement does not accept orders . JJB Euromangueras , SL, reserves the right not to requests that do not meet this condition. If you withdraw that amount will not be refunded . JJB Euromangueras , SL , admits no penalty or cancellation of orders cursados , who through no fault of your organization are delayed in their delivery , or unforeseen circumstances arise manufacturer . May be admitted only if they had previously agreed in the tender issued in writing or by electronic means JJB Euromangueras , SL Orders will be confirmed if prices do not indicate in the document the customer and must be confirmed and accepted by the customer.

SHIPPING : All shipments are sent due to delivery charges, the goods always travel at buyer's risk. JJB Euromangueras, S.L.however , You can send the goods by the agency with which they have agreement and debit the customer invoice . JJB Euromangueras , SL, does not sell postage and therefore shall be governed by the official rates of the agency you hire the service. Any cost of Customs clearance , cargo handling in port costs and official fees, etc. . will be paid by the recipient.

PAYMENT: All our operations are handled cash, regulars or 60 days maximum physical delivery date , and in accordance with law 15/2010 . The failure to fulfill the commitment of payment will imply the cancellation of the credit account . The goods shall be deposited in the customer's premises until payment of the total bill is issued , remain the property of JJB Euromangueras , SL while you have not paid the full amount of the service or supply. Payment terms are for sales in Spain . For other countries will be specified in each case. Those orders not exceeding 125 € uros ( TWENTY PERCENT ) in its tax base , must be paid CASH . If rotation is expressly authorizes the charge in the current account indicated . (Law 16 /2009) Amounts of less than 125 Euros take charges 3 Euros for administrative expenses.

For new customers , the first operations were paid CASH . The successive and previous business reports were agreed under current legislation. Our invoices are issued (PDF ) format digital. Accept payment through VISA , MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS .(paypal)

PRICES: JJB Euromangueras , SL, has price lists, items that manufactures, markets and / or distributes . Of which there are no trade under customer demand, and for that single operation. Therefore please consult us. JJB Euromangueras , SL, reserves the right to change its rates without notice.

RETURNS: Returns are accepted up to seven days ( 7 days) after the date of delivery shown on our delivery note or delivery document . If returned through no fault or no fault of JJB Euromangueras , SL should come with postage prepaid , and with the delivery note , justifying the reason for the return . Also the materials must come in their original packaging, if they exist. Any deterioration borne by the customer . Past the deadline of 7 days ( seven days) is not returnable . In manufactured, assembled or cut from a roll on demand materials no returns will be accepted under any circumstances except for manufacturer error or JJB Euromangueras , SL All returns must be authorized by JJB Euromangueras , and will be penalized 10% per reestokaje .

SKILLS: Both parties submit to the Courts of Móstoles ( Madrid) , regardless of the jurisdiction that may apply . JJB Euromangueras , SL will not accept any conditions of orders / customer contracts that contradict the present , prevailing at any condition and situation defined here as well as legally appropriate .

OUR DATA : JJB EUROMANGUERAS , SLU, Social residing at c / . Roble 11 Polig . Ind San Sebastián - 28950-MORALEJA DE ENMEDIO - MADRID - SPAIN , CIF ES- B- 81568149 . Phone +34 916 093 464 Fax +34 916 093 098 Email: ventas @ , Web , and others.