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Euro Silitrans

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The Euro Silitrans is a hose for supply of food, chemical or pharmaceutical products.

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Description Euro Silitrans hose

The Euro Silitrans is a hose for supply of food, chemical or pharmaceutical products. This hose has excellent thermal properties, withstanding temperatures from -40 ° C minimum and maximum to 150 ° C. It is manufactured under FDA standards.

This hose has been manufactured continuously. The hose comes Silitrans Euro unchecked. Below is a table of features:




000SILIT00X01 0,5x1 50-100
000SILIT01X02 1x2 50-100
000SILIT02X03 2x3 50-100
000SILIT02X04 2x4 50-100
000SILIT03X04 3x4 50-100
000SILITX3X06 3x6 50-100
000SILIT04X06 4x6 50-100
000SILIT04X08 4x8 50-100
000SILITX5X08 5x8 50-100
000SILIT05X10 5x10 50-100
000SILIT06X10 6x10 50-100
000SILIT06X12 6x12 50-100
000SILIT07X08 7x8 50-100
000SILIT07X10 7x10 50-100
000SILIT08X12 8x12 50-100
000SILIT08X16 8x16 50-100
000SILIT09X12 9x12 50-100
000SILIT10X14 10x14 50-100
000SILIT10X20 10x20 50-100
000SILIT11X14 11x14 50-100
000SILIT11X16 11x16 50-100
000SILIT12X14 12x14 50-100
000SILIT12X20 12x20 50-100
000SILIT13X15 13x15 50-100
000SILIT13X17 13x17 50-100
000SILIT14X16 14x16 50-100
000SILIT14X20 14x20 50-100
000SILIT15X20 15x20 50-100
000SILIT15X25 15x25 50-100
000SILIT16X20 16x20 50-100
000SILIT16X24 16x24 50-100
000SILIT18X26 18x26 50-100
000SILIT20X24 20x24 50-100
000SILIT20X30 20x30 50-100
000SILIT22X26 22x26 50-100
000SILIT22X28 22x28 50-100
000SILIT22X30 22x30 50-100
000SILIT24X28 24x28 50-100
000SILIT24X30 24x30 50-100
000SILIT24X32 24x32 50-100
000SILIT25X30 25x30 50-100
000SILIT25X31 25x31 50-100
000SILIT25X32 25x32 50-100
000SILIT25X34 25x34 50-100
000SILIT26X30 26x30 50-100
000SILIT26X32 26x32 50-100
000SILIT26X34 26x34 50-100
000SILIT28X32 28x32 50-100
000SILIT28X34 28x34 50-100
000SILIT28X36 28x36 50-100
000SILIT30X35 30x35 50-100
000SILIT30X36 30x36 50-100
000SILIT30X38 30x38 50-100
000SILIT32X38 32x38 50-100
000SILIT32X40 32x40 50-100
000SILIT32X42 32x42 50-100
000SILIT35X41 35x41 50-100
000SILIT35X42 35x42 50-100
000SILIT35X45 35x45 50-100
000SILIT40X46 40x46 50-100
000SILIT40X48 40x48 50-100
000SILIT40X50 40x50 50-100
000SILIT45X55 45x55 50-100
000SILIT50X58 50x58 50-100
000SILIT50X60 50x60 50-100
000SILIT55X63 55x63 50-100
000SILIT60X68 60x68 50-100
000SILIT60X70 60x70 50-100



Uses of Euro Silitrans hose

The Euro Silitrans is a hose for supply of food, chemical or pharmaceutical products.

 Manguera para industria farmaceutica Manguera para industria química y laboratoriosManguera para la industria alimentaria, industria lactea...

Materials of Euro Silitrans hose

The Euro Silitrans hose has an inner tube of silicone rubber Pantone and RAL colors. The outer shell is made of rubber is silicone rubber Pantone and RAL colors. Without reinforcements. Diameters in Millimeters.

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