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Chlorflex 15

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The Chlorflex 15 is a composite hose for suction and discharge a variety of aggressive chemicals, supports a pressure of 15 bar.

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Description of Chlorflex 15 hose

The Chlorflex 15 is a composite hose for suction and discharge a variety of aggressive chemicals, supports a pressure of 15 bar. This hose has excellent thermal properties, withstanding temperatures of -40 ° C minimum, and maximum to 100ºC. Manufactured under BS 5842:1980 Class 6.2 standards, EN 13765: 2003 Type 3 which is a brief description below:

EN 13765: This European Standard specifies requirements for four types of multilayer thermoplastic hose (unvulcanized) and union sets with accessories for the transfer of hydrocarbons, solvents and chemicals. Specifies step sizes from 25 mm to 300 mm, working pressures from 4 bar 1) up to 14 bar and temperatures from -30 ºC to 150 ºC. Type 1 hoses are suitable for steam applications. Hoses type 2-4 are suitable for liquid applications.
-NOTE 1 The attention of users is drawn to Annex A concerning the selection of the material of the inner wall of the layers and any polymeric coating of the inner coil in relation to (the) product (s) chemical (s) it will be carried by the hose or union sets with accessories.
-NOTE 2 The manufacturer should be consulted when going to consider using a polymer coating inside wire to carry oil low conductivity or chemical.

The Chlorflex 15 hose is marked with our brand EUROFLEX, the name of the hose, its type, and the working pressure, according to current regulations. Below is a list of features:

Table 1 - Features Chlorflex 15 XZ






(mm) (in) (bar) (psi) (kg/m) (lbs/m) (bar) (psi) (mm) (in) (m) (ft)
00CCQ900XX025 25 1" 15/75 217/1087 1,00 2,20 0,8 11,60 80 3-5/32 20 65
00CCQ900XX040 40 1-1/2" 15/75 217/1087 1,30 2,86 0,8 11,60 100 4 20 65
00CCQ900XX050 50 2" 15/75 217/1087 1,90 4,18 0,8 11,60 140 5-1/2 20 65
00CCQ900XX063 63 2-1/2" 15/75 217/1087 2,60 5,73 0,8 11,60 165 6-1/2 20 65
00CCQ900XX075 75 3" 15/75 217/1087 3,20 7,05 0,8 11,60 215 8-15/32 20 65
00CCQ900XX100 100 4" 15/75 217/1087 4,60 10,14 0,8 11,60 290 11-27/64 20 65
00CCQ900XX150 150 6" 15/75 217/1087 0,8 11,60 20 65
00CCQ900XX200 200 8" 15/75 217/1087 0,8 11,60 20 65
00CCQ900XX250 250 10" 15/75 217/1087 10 32


Uses of Chlorflex 15 hose

The Chlorflex 15 is a composite hose for suction and impulsion of identifying a broad spectrum of aggressive chemicals, especially those that are not compatible with polypropylene chemical hoses as Chemflex. It is widely used in, in tanks, wagons, chemical plants, certain factories and industries, etc ...

Mangueras composite para productos químicosManguera composite química

Materials of Chlorflex 15 hose

  • Interior: The inner of composite hose, is formed by layers of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).
  • Interior Reinforcement: The inner reinforcement of composite hose is formed by a spiral Galvanized Steel coated PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).
  • Exterior: The exterior of the composite hose, is formed by a yellow and Polyester Polyvinyl tissue or polychloroprene.
  • Exterior Reinforcement: The exterior reinforcement of composite hose is formed by a wire spiral stainless steel AISI-316.


Table 4 - Materials
Layer Type XZ
Exterior cover (ce)
Polyvinyl-Polyester / Polychloroprene
Exterior wire (ae)
Stainless Steel
First Interior Layer (pc)
Interior wire (ai)
Galvanized steel coated with PVDF


Sección de mangueras composite químicas


Composite hose assemblies

  • Custom manufacturing:
    • On request we can supply specially coated Fireproof, resistant CL-1.
    • On request we can supply Aramid reinforced for 20, 25 and 40 bar working pressure.
    • On request we can supply the covers with different colors.
  • Information:
    • Composite hoses must be fitted by qualified and trained personnel with special equipment.
    • JJB EUROMANGUERAS mounts performed by highly qualified personnel with over 25 years experience in this type of hose.
    • See our Chemical Compatibility Chart.
  • Requirements to budget:
    • The price for assembled hoses are quoted under specific request of the customer, this requires knowing the hose diameter, length, type of terminals or connectors mounted (Camlock, Guillemin, Storz, flanges ...) as well as material fittings.
    • Is also interesting to know the type of product that will flow through the hose, to recommend the most suitable hose.
  • Traceability:
    • To monitor each of our hoses, proceed to dial on the ferrule, with a control number and date.
    • On request the certificate of tests with their corresponding costs is issued. Go to test certificate.

      Scheme composite hose assembly


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